[lo-dji-a] n.f

  1. Loggia, italian origin term designating a recessed gallery or balcony.
  2. Says of a covered living area that is most often an extension of a building.
  3. Loggia, in Saint-Lambert, is a unique and exclusive living experience tailored to the needs and aspirations of its residents.
Landscaped courtyard
Gym + multi-purpose room
Indoor parking
Bike storage and repair station (future phase)
Wi-Fi in common spaces
Management and concierge services
Energy usage included
Electric-car charging station ($)


Abundant natural light

Loggia units arbor generous windows for an abundance of natural light in each apartment.

Balconies are strategically positioned next to the bedroom, to favor the entry of natural light throughout the living room.


Balconies are designed as an extension of indoor living areas, so residents can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Loggia-style balconies are set back from the building to ensure tenant privacy as well as offering a pleasant and inviting outdoor living space.


Loggia units are spacious with its open concept living areas which optimizes the space available.


Functionality first! Most of the units offer plenty of storage, an enclosed laundry for a washer and dryer, and much more!

Loggia is also proud to offer units with elegant and high-quality finishes. The ceramic tiles in the bathroom, shower and on the kitchen backsplash add a touch of warmth and sophistication to the project.


LSR GesDev is an experienced property development firm that brings together select experts and partners to create real estate projects that meet—and exceed—the expectations of those who live there. The Saint-Lambert-based company, well known for the Haut-Saint-Lambert, Vic&Lambert, and Esplanade de l’Île projects, brings its expertise to the table to help craft a unique new housing concept at Loggia Saint-Lambert.
IPSO FACTO is a private Quebec-based group with a mission to invest in real estate development projects. The firm provides its expertise and financial resources to a top-tier client base consisting of real estate developers, managers, and contractors.