LOGGIA [lo-dji-a] n.f

The term originating from Italian describing a gallery or room with one or more open sides, especially one that forms part of a house and has one side open to the garden. Situated in Saint-Lambert, LOGGIA is a unique and exclusive living experience tailored to the needs and aspirations of its residents.

Landscaped courtyard

Gym and multifunctional room

Indoor/outdoor parking

Wi-fi in common spaces


Loggia rental condos are bright and lively due to the impressive fenestration. The balconies are strategically positioned to optimize the lighting in the living areas and does not obstruct natural light from the exterior thus producing a maximum brightness.


In order to maximize the living area of each unit, the balconies can be seen as extensions of the apartments outdoors. Each unit with a balcony is situated to preserve the intimacy of the occupants and can be configured to provide an inviting and convivial outdoor space.


Functional units! The vast majority of the apartments have ample storage space, a closed space for the washer/dryer, a bath/shower and much more! Loggia is proud to offer an elegant and modern interior. The stylish bathroom and modern kitchen combine the concepts of comfort and sophistication.

Loggia is proud to offer apartments of high quality with elegant amenities. The stylish bathroom and modern kitchen combine the concepts of comfort and sophistication.

Saint-Lambert, a charming neighborhood!


Saint-Lambert has its own unique and personalized charm; the main street offers a shopping experience like no other on the South Shore. A dynamic community that offers a wide array of cultural, sports and community activities and events. The neighborhood is served by public transport and offers easy access to many major roads. Its parks and network of cycling paths will certainly charm you.

LSR GesDev is an experienced real estate developer which strives to ensure a perfect balance between a site’s personality and our clients’ expectations in order to produce living environments with high added value. A company from Saint-Lambert, recognized for the development projects of Haut-Saint-Lambert, Vic&Lambert and l’Esplanade de l’ile, offers its expertise of a unique development through Loggia Saint-Lambert.
IPSO FACTO invests in various real estate development and redevelopment projects. It favours a flexible and dynamic approach. Thanks to its structure, it can operate within a more adaptable framework of operations and commercial practices than what can be found with most institutional investment players. IPSO FACTO encourages the development of well-managed real estate projects developed by high-quality people.